Webclerks Community Conference 2019

Vienna, AT – November 25, 2019

One Day, Nine Speakers
All are welcome

A small, community-driven conference in the heart of Vienna for designers, developers and makers of the web.

Urania, the conference venue

# Our Speakers

# The Venue

The conference will take place at Urania Wien, a beautiful old educational facility and public observatory. It was named after the Muse Urania, who represents Astronomy.

Urania, an old Art-Nouveau style building
  • 220+ seats
  • space for wheelchairs
  • cinema projector
  • cinema sound system
  • live captioning
  • lunch at Badeschiff
  • breakfast, coffee & drinks
the conference room, several rows of seats in a theatre-like setup

# Recent Updates

Recap of Webclerks Community Conference 2019

For anyone who missed the event or wants to check out a particular talk again, here's a recap of everything that happened at the first webclerks community conference.

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