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Thank you all so much for being part of this day! It was wonderful to finally see it come together.

For anyone who missed the event or wants to check out a particular talk again, here’s a recap of everything that happened at the first webclerks community conference. We will continue to update this page when photos and videos become available.


We had an amazing lineup of speakers. Here are all the talks in order:


by Jeremy Keith | 📽 Slides for this talk

Jeremy’s keynote talk about architecture, pace layers and the flexible nature of the web.

View Building.

Dark UX Patterns

by Lisa Gringl | 📽 Slides for this talk

Lisa talked about the tactics and design patterns some websites use to pressure customers, and how to avoid them.

Rage against the Content Machine

by Max Böck | 📽 Slides for this talk

Max advocated for the IndieWeb and talked about ways to control your own content online.

View Rage against the Content Machine on Notist.

Why Every Interface should be Black and White

by Heydon Pickering | 📽 Slides for this talk

Heydon’s talk featured satanic childhood drawings, pterodactyls and Bob Ross - all in black and white. 'nuff said.

Stakeholder-Centric Design

by Che Harvey | 📽 Slides for this talk

Che explained why designers can’t always rush in and save the day - His talk introduced us to the necessary process of getting all people in an organization on board.

View Stakeholder-Centric Design: How retargeting your design process can make you a more influential part of your organisation on Notist.

Does It Work? Using The New CSS Laoyut

by Rachel Andrew | 📽 Slides for this talk

Rachel once again delivered a great talk about the new layout features of CSS and how they can be used today.

View Does it work? Using the new CSS Layout on Notist.

I’m an Old Guard Dev in a New Guard World

by Charlie Owen | 📽 Slides for this talk

Charlie gave an amazing talk about her experiences in the tech industry over the past twenty years and took us back to the web of the 90s.

View I’m Just An Old Guard Dev In A New Guard World on Notist.

Using a modern web to recreate 1980S horribly slow and loud loading screens

by Remy Sharp | 📽 Slides for this talk

Remy showed us his experiment of rebuilding an 1980 style loading experience, involving Javascript, screeching sounds and an original ZX Spectrum computer.

Bringing Personality Back to the Web

by Vitaly Friedman | 📽 Slides for this talk

Surprise speaker Vitaly closed the event with an amazing talk on how a little bit of creativity goes a long way in making an experience memorable.

View Bringing Personality Back To The Web on Notist.