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Monday, 25. November 2019

  1. Doors Open

  2. Opening Remarks

  3. Jeremy Keith


  4. Lisa Gringl

    Dark UX patterns: How to be a light in the darkness for our users

  5. Coffee Break

  6. Max Böck

    Rage Against the Content Machine

  7. Heydon Pickering

    Why Every Interface Should Be Black & White

  8. Lunch Break

    Lightning Talk Lunch Break Session from 13:00 - 13:45
    Stefan Baumgartner: More “Hurrah!”, Less “Krawuzzi Kapuzzi”
    Adrián Bolonio: Testing Web Accessibility.

  9. Surprise Performance

  10. Che Harvey

    Stakeholder-Centric Design: How retargeting your design process can make you a more influential part of your organisation

  11. Rachel Andrew

    Does It Work? Using The New CSS Layout

  12. Coffee Break

  13. Charlie Owen

    I'm just an Old Guard Dev in a New Guard world

  14. Remy Sharp

    Using a modern web to recreate 1980S horribly slow and loud loading screens

  15. Short break

  16. Surprise speaker

  17. Closing Remarks

  18. Curling at Badeschiff

    Yes, curling. For real! (Until 21:00)

  19. After-Show-Party at Badeschiff

    Drinks, fantastic conversations and Funk, Hip Hop, and House music.