Got a question about the conference? Well maybe you're not the only one! We've tried to answer some of the more frequent ones here.

Will lunch be provided? What’s included in the ticket price?

We will provide you with breakfast and snacks, coffee and drinks throughout the day.

Lunch (vegan options included) will be provided at Badeschiff from 1pm to 3pm.

What is a “Local Scholarship Ticket” and can I get one?

A scholarship ticket is a standard ticket ticket for yourself, plus an extra ticket you’re buying for somebody else. We will keep these extra tickets in a pool and provide them to local people who otherwise would not be able to attend.

If you want to attend the conference but can’t afford the ticket, please contact us at Tell us why you believe you qualify, and how you can profit from the conference.

This is an honor system and is intended to benefit marginalized groups - but if you’re not sure if you qualify, reach out anyway. We’re committed to finding a way for everyone to attend.

Is the venue accessible to wheelchair users?

Yes. The venue has entries on the front (facing Schwedenplatz) and the back (facing Hermann Strandbar). There are two entries to the conference, which are both on the back of the building. The second entry, a few meters after the first large door is accessible to wheelchair users. Elevators and wheelchair-accessible toilets are also provided.