Some things are better when they're smaller. Spiders for example, or JavaScript bundles. We think that applies to conferences too.

Webclerks is a non-profit association that supports the local community of web developers and designers in Vienna. We have organized the popular Webclerks Meetup since 2016.

This year we put our heads together and tried something new: We've asked a bunch of talented folks who work on the web to come to Vienna, share their knowledge, talk to our community and have a good time. Fortunately, they accepted our invitation!

We want this conference to be a small, fun event with great content and great people. All talks will be carefully selected to create a diverse lineup where everyone can learn something, and we're working hard to keep the tickets as affordable as possible.

Come join us!

  • Manuel Matuzović Manuel Matuzović
  • Claudia Laber Claudia Laber
  • Daniel Lechthaler Daniel Lechthaler
  • Max Böck Max Böck